Your Secret Garden

About Your Secret Garden

Tom Watts

A place, like the story of the same name, where simple truths can undo unhappiness, fear, sadness, guilt, limitations, anger and turmoil that may be present in your life and help you enjoy the journey. This place has been created to bring you to the experience of joy, strength, beauty, peace and love. All you need is the willingness and courage to explore and find inspiration in the flora and fauna growing here. It helps a lot if you are committed to having more fun, freedom, and energy in your life. It especially helps if you are open to joyful growth and rebirth and rebirth and rebirth as you enjoy the seasons here.

I named this web site Your Secret Garden because of an old classic book I read in childhood called The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett where some children discover a neglected secret garden that becomes a beautiful healing place for them. That’s my hope and dream for this site – that it serves as a personal healing and empowering place for you and whoever else you choose to invite here.

It’s not meant to give you answers. It is meant to support your journey to finding your own answers. It’s my strong belief that when it comes to life’s most important questions, we all have the capacity to find our own answers and indeed those answers are the only ones that deeply affect and move us. It’s not that we can’t benefit immensely from information shared by others but at some point after we assimilate what we can from outside, we have to sit in the silence and see what is true for us.

I see this site as an eminently practical “down to earth” place that can offer a road to more success, happiness, peace, and joy to anyone who has the willingness and courage to explore both the site and, more importantly, simultaneously themselves. It’s has been interesting to see how difficult and daunting it can be for even very powerful people to investigate their own mind. However it usually if not always turns out to be immensely rewarding once one walks through the resistance. In fact the relief and new found clarity and energy can be amazing. People often just don’t realize how good life can be if they are willing to investigate their own limiting thoughts and beliefs. And it doesn’t have to be traumatic. Clients often end up laughing about issues they were extremely reluctant to even identify.

In a very real way our thoughts and perceptions create our world and if our world is lacking in some important respects we can change it by changing our minds. And isn’t that way you would want it versus living as a victim of other people and external circumstances?

This site isn’t just for those who are heavy into personal, mental, or even spiritual growth. It’s for anyone who wants more – more happiness, more fun, more abundance, more peace, more power. As I indicated in the welcome message, I work with people from all kinds of backgrounds and it doesn’t matter how rich or poor one is, how successful or in trouble one is, how weak or powerful one is, the information and stories contained in this garden can be very helpful – if you are willing to be open to it.

So that’s what we’re about here. I say “we” because I’m very conscious that what is contained herein doesn’t come form me alone but includes so much that I have learned from so many clients as well as several teachers and mentors.
Thank you for coming. Welcome! Enjoy!